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In regelmäßig unregelmäßigem Abstand wollen wir Newsletter an die Partnergemeinde Loitokitok versenden. Hier ist ein Archiv der bisher versandten Newsletter:

Newsletter vom April 2015

Hier die Antwort von Pastor Kutuk Meliyio:
Thank you Rev. Matthias for the News letter. We shall distribute to all the committee members as we receive. How are you doing on, how are our brothers and sisters at Emaus. Is the cold season over ? we are fine, we have very few rains this time but we hope the weather will improve. I am at the university now and doing on well with my studies. Pass my sincere greetings to all, especially your wife and family. Good evening !

Newsletter vom Juli 2015 (englische Version)

Newsletter vom Juli 2015 (deutsche Version)

Newsletter vom Dezember  2015

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